West Mersea Cricket Club - Club Documents

West Mersea CC handbook 2023.docx                         ---  West Mersea CC Handbook 2023

constitution 2018.pdf                                                      ---  Club Constitution (adopted February 2018)

Code of Conduct for Cricket Members and Guests.pdf     ---     Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Young People.pdf                         ---     Code of Conduct for Young People

Governance - Club Inclusion Diversity Policy.docx         ---     Club Inclusion and Diversity Policy   

Safeguarding Policy.doc                                                ---    Safeguarding Policy (January 2024)

Changing Room Policy.docx                                            ---    Changing Room Policy      
Various Policies -                                                    

Training Terms and Conditions 2020 --- Return to cricket Terms and Conditions

Junior-Membership-Form-2023.docx                            --- 2023 Junior Membership Form

Adult-Membership-Form-2023.docx --- 2023 Adult Membership Form