West Mersea Cricket Club - Jack Petchey

Date  Winner  Donation  Picture
 June 2022  Shannon Turner  Junior Indoor League  
 June 2022  Brandon Turner  Food for Club Day  
 June 2022  Jacob Green  Summer Camp Trophies  
 June 2022  Aidan Gibbons  New Outfield Mower  
 Nov 2021 Willum Taylor-Green  New Waterproof Outdoor Cushions  
 Nov 2021  Ollie Wyatt  Replace Posts/Sleeves on two squares  
 June 2021  Matilda Daines  England v New Zealand Womens T20 at Chelmsford  
 June 2021  Abigail Rumble  Aqua Park  
 June 2021  Ruben Butler  Shed  
 June 2021  Seb Gladwell  Scarifier/Rake  
 Nov 2020 Rebecca Reilly ( Leader Award)  Barge Weekend  
 Nov 2020  Charlotte Grainger  Indoor Training  
 Nov 2020 Joe Wyatt Zing Stumps & Bails  
 June 2020  John Clarke  Clip & Climb  
 June 2020  Grace Miller Net Repairs  
 June 2020  Jesse Elson Go Karting  
 June 2020  Dominique Grainger New Square Mower  
 Nov 2019 Daniel Gladwell Group Cricket Masterclass at Essex Cricket  
 Nov 2019 India Reilly Ten Pin Bowling  
 June 2019
 Lewis Ayton
 Food for Club Softball Day  
 June 2019
 Natasha Horne
 Paddle Boarding
 June 2019
 Tash Wilson
 Roller Skating
 June 2019
 Kane Addison
 New Mugs/Towels & Tea Towels
 October 2018  Henry Marshall  Ultimate Ninja Experience  
 October 2018  Ruby Hester  Indoor Training  
 2018 Steve Daines (Leader Award)    
June 2018
Alex Canham
Outdoor Lighting
 June 2018
Cameron Findlay
Tables/Chairs for Teas
 June 2018
Louis Elson
New Container on the second pitch
 June 2018
Charlotte Allan
 New Training Hoodies
 Nov 2017 James Matthews  Drag Mat  
 Nov 2017  Mason Foakes  Lute  
 Mar 2017  Harry Rymer  Volleyball Set & Water Sprinkler  
 Mar 2017  Umar Khahkwani  New Power Unit for Bowling Machine  
 Jan 2017 Danny Dibell  Underground Cable to Compound   
 Jan 2017  Riley Anderson  Underground Cable to Compound   
 Nov 2016 Daniel Miller  Trip to Colchester United  
 Nov 2016 Henry Reilly  Trip to Mersea Outdoor Activity Centre  
 2016 Andy Anderson ( Leaders Award)    
 June 2016 James Pearson  Gridle to assist with BBQ events  
 June 2016 Sophie Hempstead  Trip Out  
 June 2016 Harry Munson  BBQ Food for Rounders Evening  
 June 2016  Ben Rumble  New Helmets  
 Nov 2015 Izzi Gray  New BBQ  
 Nov 2015 Maddy Gray  New Social Shirts  
 May 2015  Max Khan  Boundary Rope  
 May 2015  Harry Clarke  Patio Table/Chairs  
 Apr 2015  Zak Clarke  New Green Stumps with Logo & Zing Bails  
 March 2015  Beck Anderson  Outdoor Clock    
 Oct 2014 George Shepherd    
 Sept 2014 James Handford    
 May 2014 Joe Hayhurst    
 April 2014 Connor Green    
 March 2014 Olli White    
 March 2014 Will Gibson    
 October 2013 Callum Drage    
 October 2013 Ben Clarke    
 April 2013  Chris Townend    
 March 2013 Anthony Hark    
 March 2013 Angus Lockhart    
 March 2013 Rosie Daines    
 August 2012 Alex Bixby    
 August 2012 Phoebe Lambert    
 July 2012 Jason Hoggarth    
 June 2012 Harry Luckman    
 May 2012 Josh Tierney    
 April 2012 Tom Wargent    
 November 2011 Mitch Gillingham    
 November 2011  Lewis Johnson    
 August 2011 Cameron Williams  Towards cost of attending IOG Groundsman Course  
 June 2011 Jack Luckman  Towards New Electronic Scoreboard  
 May 2011 Rory Green  New Club Shirts for Juniors  
 March 2011 Dan Lambert  Cricket Square repairs  
 2011 Peter Phillips ( Leader Award)    
 September 2010 Jordan Durrant  Indoor Training  
 August 2010 Alex Mitchell  New Junior Kit  
 July 2010 Adam Porter  Kitchen Refurb  
 June 2010 Dan Woodcock  Kitchen Refurb  
 May 2010 Alex Young  Kitchen refurb  
 March 2010 Rhys Humphreys  Kitchen Refurb  
 October 2009 Luke Bruce  Winter Cricket Square Maintenance  
August 2009  Matt Wilkin  Junior Trophies  
 July 2009 Adam Passfield  School Coaching  
 June 2009 Gregor Irvine  School Coaching  
 March 2009 David Taylor  Junior Match Equipment  
 January 2009 Adam Rutter  Cricket Square Equipment  
 November 2008 Graham Pryke ( Leader Award)    
 November 2008 Camilla Smith  Winter Junior Coaching  
 October 2008 Ricky Provan  School Coaching Costs  
 September 2008 Tom Sanderson  Winter Junior Coaching  
 August 2008 James Rutter  Winter Coach Education Course  
 June 2008 Jack Backhouse    
 April 2008 Luke Conway